Kennedy Street


To complement the existing park setting with elegant natural stone. The project encompassed all stone work on walkways, porches, patios, pillars, and the driveway. RMF also handled the installation of trees, shrubs, and perennial planting.

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At Kennedy St, RMF Construction translated the client’s desire for a park-like setting into a reality. The vision for the project centred on preserving the park setting while introducing elegant natural stone elements that looked aged yet clean. Completed in 8 weeks, including all stone work on walkways, porches, patios, pillars, and the driveway. Additionally, RMF installed trees, shrubs, and perennial planting, ensuring a cohesive and natural integration of stone and greenery. The outcome is a thoughtfully designed outdoor space that enhances the existing charm of the property.

A key specification of the Kennedy St project is using multi-grade wetlay large format natural stone, contributing to the aged yet clean aesthetic desired for the space. The driveway sloped towards the home, required strategic installation of track drainage to capture water flow towards the garage and redirect it to the side of the home. These specifications showcase RMF’s commitment to aesthetic and functional considerations in the project’s design and execution.

Natural Stone: Utilized for walkways, porches, patios, pillars, and the driveway, contributing to the elegant and aged aesthetic.
Trees, Shrubs, and Perennial Planting: Installed to complement the stonework and enhance the overall natural setting.


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