Deerhorn Crescent


Prioritized both functionality and aesthetics. The project involved the construction of multi-level entertaining spaces, incorporating wood and stone elements to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. 

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The Deerhorn Cres project was initiated to meet the client’s goal of adding a water feature (pool) complemented by a wood deck and stone work blend. RMF’s vision extended beyond meeting the client’s objectives, creating a multi-level entertaining space that seamlessly integrated stone and wood elements for a distinctive ambiance. Completed in a swift four weeks, RMF handled all aspects of the project, including carpentry, stonework, and planting. Incorporating green space for pets enhanced the project’s functionality, contributing to creating a versatile and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

Key specifications of the Deerhorn Cres project include using wood, stone, and natural stone in the construction. The multi-level design features an upper-level deck, lower-level stonework surrounding the pool, and a lower-level deck with a cabana, showcasing RMF’s commitment to creating visually dynamic and functionally diverse outdoor spaces. The seamless flow between different levels and materials adds a unique and personalized touch to the project, highlighting RMF’s attention to detail and innovative design.

Wood: Incorporated in the upper- and lower-level decks with a cabana, adding warmth and visual appeal.
Stone and Natural Stone: Utilized various project elements to enhance the outdoor space’s aesthetic and durability.


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