Colonel Wayling Boulevard


Creatively integrating structures and patio spaces while preserving the charm of large mature trees. The project, excluding the existing pool, was entirely constructed by RMF, transforming the backyard into a dynamic and visually appealing outdoor oasis.

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The project aimed to update the entire backyard, providing the client with multiple entertaining areas. RMF Construction’s vision capitalized on the inherent beauty of the space, incorporating creative structures and patio spaces while carefully preserving the presence of large mature trees. RMF constructed everything in the backyard except for the existing pool. The result is a thoughtfully designed outdoor space that seamlessly blends functionality, creativity, and the natural elements of the existing landscape.

Using a mixture of natural flagstone and multisize pavers contributes to a diverse and visually appealing outdoor surface. Incorporating wood cabanas and pavilions adds warmth and structure to the space. Notably, the two structures stand out as focal points, enhancing the overall design and functionality of the backyard. Vertical privacy screens create a unique and visually interesting look, showcasing RMF’s attention to detail and commitment to innovative design elements.

Natural Flagstone and Multisize Pavers: Utilized for diverse and visually appealing outdoor surfaces.
Wood Cabanas and Pavilions: Integrated into the project to add warmth and structure.
Vertical Privacy Screens: Introduced for a unique and visually interesting look, contributing to the overall design.



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