Chuck Ormsby


A pristine ambiance with carefully curated details. The incorporation of white sandblasted flagstone, arranged in a natural stone large rectangle format with tight joints, laid the foundation for an elegant space. The aluminum pergola, equipped with automatic shutters, not only added visual interest but also provided a functional retreat.

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RMF Construction embarked on the Chuck Ormsby project with a clear directive from the client for a clean white pavement aesthetic with straight lines. The vision was to craft a space that exuded cleanliness, enhanced by carefully chosen small accents. White sandblasted flagstone, arranged in a large natural stone rectangle format with tight joints, achieved this desired aesthetic. A key element of the project was the installation of an aluminum pergola with automatic shutters, creating a versatile retreat from the sun. The 4ft deep wading pool added visual appeal and functionality. RMF designed and constructed every aspect of the project, showcasing their expertise in creating cohesive and visually striking outdoor environments.

The Chuck Ormsby project featured white sandblasted flagstone, meticulously arranged in a natural stone large rectangle format with tight joints, achieving the desired clean and straight-lined aesthetic. The aluminum pergola, a standout feature, added visual interest and provided a functional retreat with automatic shutters. Additionally, the 4ft deep wading pool contributed to the overall appeal and functionality of the space. A notable specification was incorporating a BBQ station with a black top, creating a striking contrast against the white patio and adding a contemporary touch to the design.

White Sandblasted Flagstone: Used for the patio, creating a clean and elegant look.
Aluminum: Utilized in constructing the pergola, providing a modern and durable structure.
BBQ Station with Black Top: A distinctive pop against the white patio added to the project’s visual appeal.


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