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Where Your Vision Comes to Life 

At RMF, we have 25+ years of experience in construction and landscaping. We may be good at building things, but making our clients’ dreams of the perfect home come to life is what we really specialize in. No two homes are the same, therefore all our work is custom-designed and -built for each and every client.

Whether it’s as high-level as your vision or as specific as your city’s permit laws, we take the time to understand it and compile it into a plan of action. By the end of the whole process, all that’s left for you to do is step into the home of your dreams.

Design Process


Every monument starts with a vision—which is why we begin your home transformation by understanding the aspirations you have for your space. Do you intend it for entertaining? Spending time with family? What design elements and features do you like? We work with you to answer these questions to establish your goals, budget, and construction requirements. In this initial stage, we will also conduct a site survey to take inventory of your space’s existing features and measurements. 


The design process is where we start bringing your vision to life. We compile your criteria with information gleaned from our site survey and turn them into 2-D plans and 3D-renderings for a better visualization of your desired design. These will be backed by construction considerations, such as recommended materials and your municipality’s permit rules, to ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and to the proper safety requirements. We will present you with the design plan, along with a preliminary timeline and a cost estimate. 


Once you approve the plan and the estimate, it’s time for us to get in the trenches and start building! Step by step, we take the details in our completed plan and turn them into a fully realized, cohesive experience. All that’s required of you in this stage is a little bit of patience (and a whole lot of excitement!). 

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Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

There are so many accents and features that contribute to a dream home. If you’re looking for help with home improvement work that’s not listed in our core services, such as flooring, lighting, or landscaping, please don’t hesitate to enquire for more information.

Make Your Dream Home a Reality  

RMF is the trusted creative partner of numerous happy homeowners living in the Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding municipalities. With 25+ years of experience in creating exquisite indoor and outdoor living experiences, we are the number 1 choice for home design and construction.