Benefits of an Outdoor Construction Project  

Have you ever looked out at your backyard and thought, “I wish I used this space a little more?” Maybe you have an image in your mind of the perfect outdoor setting that would transform your backyard into a little slice of paradise, or maybe you’re feeling stuck with the endless possibilities and aren’t sure where to even start. Regardless, the feeling of “meh” in your home is something no one wants to deal with.  

Investing in outdoor construction means curating each feature to your personal taste and needs. Outdoor construction projects can bring your family closer together, incentivize outdoor time, exercise, and fun. 

Outdoor Construction Increases Your Property Value 

This is quite an obvious advantage in outdoor construction, but we still feel a need to point it out: improving your land with construction increases your property value. The visual appeal of a beautiful home with an amazing pool, patio, deck, and landscaping is unquestionable. This will attract tenants or future home buyers willing to pay a higher price for the property. Even if this is not your intention, it´s always important to keep in mind that what may seem like an expense is actually an investment. 

Outdoor rooms, carefully curated for specific or all seasons of the year, can provide you with spaces to entertain company all year round, instead of going out every time you want to see your friends. Another option is building an outdoor kitchen, instead of dining out. You can be the host of your friends’ future meals, the ones that bring out the best stories and build the best memories.  

The possibility of using your outdoor space for rental purposes is also vast. Whether you decide to build a secondary dwelling, a guest house or bunkie, a garden suite or laneway house, all these can be interesting possibilities for tenants, increasing your income and offsetting your mortgage.  

Custom Outdoor Construction Means You’re in Control 

When you choose to do a project with RMF Construction, we become your partners through the whole process. We want to help you make conscious, informed decisions each step of the way, following our proven process for elevated home living: 


We work with you to understand your vision for your space then conduct a thorough site survey to establish your goals, budget, and design and construction requirements. 


Our experts create 2D plans and 3D-renderings of your project that will be backed by construction considerations to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. 


We begin the construction phase and transform your plan into a fully realized, cohesive experience. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

Start Your Home Transformation Today 

Check out what we have developed in the past years for our clients to get some inspiration, and don´t be afraid to show us your dreams, because we love a good challenge. RMF Construction has over 25 years of experience developing all types of outdoor designs, from luxurious to practical, always tending to our clients’ wishes with the goal of bringing your vision to life. 

Elevated living starts here at RMF Construction. Servicing Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Georgina, Richmond Hill, and the Greater Toronto Area, we help homeowners like you design and craft the personal oasis of your dreams.  

Contact us to request a quote and begin your home transformation! 

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